2nd Gymnasio Eleftheriou Venizelou, Chania, Greece

We are a lower secondary school.  The total number of our students is 270 and the teachers are 40. Our students are at the age of 12-15 years old. The school provides the children with general knowledge. The teachers have many different scientific specialities: Greek litterature, history, ancient Greek language, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computers, technology, arts, music, gymnastics, foreign  languages (English, French and German), civil rights and democracy, aspects of religion etc. Most of the courses are theoretical but in some lessons are also practical. All of our teachers are very adequately educated and experienced in providing good knowledge to our students. The school is situated in the city suburbs, 3 kilometers away from the city of Chania. The area around has very few houses, mostly fields with  olive ,  cypress and avocado trees. Next to the gymnasium there is a technical highschool (lyceum) for older children ( age 15-18). In the building context of the lyceum there is established and operates   the   “keplinet” , a technical centre for assistance in matters of computers and new technologies for  all the schools in the  county of Chania.

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