Istituto Comprensivo „Don Milani”, Lanciano, Italy

Comprehensive School “Don Milani”, newly established as a result of the educational reform, is the fourth school organization in
the city of Lanciano. It consists of 11 complexes, 6 preschools (Olmo di Riccio, Marcianese , Santa Giusta , Torre Sansone, Madonna del Carmine, Frisa), three primary schools (Olmo di Riccio, Marcianese and Frisa ) and two lower secondary schools: one in Lanciano and the second one in Frisa.  The complex number of pupils in this school is almost one thousand.
Lanciano is characterized by a substantial expansion of suburbs and a restoration of the historic center, where mostly offices and public services are. It is a town with ancient agricultural and commercial traditions, influenced for decades by the industrialization of the Sangro Valley. Trade has always played an important role in the history of the city too. In the town there are all school orders that offer wide range of choice for teenagers.
The city is famous for its “Frentana Summer Music” and the “Eucharistic Miracle” that every year attracts thousands of tourists in the
city from all over the world.
Lanciano hosts the historical library „Raffaele Liberatore”, founded in 1868, which has about 80,000 volumes.
The school was recently named in honor of Don Milani because it strongly believes in the principles of equality, equal opportunities for all children.