Kasım Sacide Ener Ortaokulu, Adana, Turkey

Kasim Sacide Ener Secondary School is in Seyhan District which is the mostly highly populated district within Adana borders. 64 teachers, 3 headmasters, 1 officer and 4 servants work in our school and the number of the students is 890. We have 17 classrooms, one laboratory , a library, one meeting room, an open football pitch, volleyball field and tennis court. Moreover, a small area is designed as a school greenhouse. Our school is a double shift schooling with afternoon and morning. Unlike the center schools our number if students in our classes are in the average. There is a a center school around our neighbourhood and due to this the demand to our school is less. The students in our school consist of families who adopted themselves to city life but on the other hand there are some students coming from families who immigrated from the rural parts of Turkey. The families who immigrated from rural areas also display a different structure. In our school we have not only kids from the Eastern but also noteworthy excess of students from the western part of Turkey.

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