Osnovna sola Beltinci, Beltinci, Slovenia

Primary school Beltinci is situated in the northeastern region of Slovenia – Prekmurje region. The school is situated in the mostly rural area of Beltinci municipality (Beltinci is very close to Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian border (about 30 km to each country) and close to highway that connects Italy and Hungary), which has been battling the economical crisis for several years. The crisis can be witnessed in the high rate of unemployment, lower living standard and lack of optimism in the people. Many people search for work in near cities and in the neighbouring Austria. All these reasons affect the students of our school, who are increasingly less motivated for learning.

School type: primary school

Number of students: currently 640 and the number is increasing

Students age: from 6 to 15 years

Number of teachers: 70 (some of them are shared with other schools in neighbour schools in other municipalities)

We are one of the largest primary schools in our region. Our students continue their education in different higher education schools – gymnasiums, vocational schools and later at faculties.