Școala Gimnazială Ionel Teodoreanu, Iași, Romania

“Ionel Teodoreanu” Primary School in Iasi, Romania employs 34 teachers, and 9 non-teaching personnel. The school was built in 1965 and it went through major reconstruction in 2005. On the school grounds there is the school building and two sports fields. The school building has 24 classrooms, including a computer sciences lab, a chemistry lab, a technology lab, a history and geography lab, a radio club, the school library, the reading room, the teachers’ room and the gym hall. The school also provides medical support to the children through the medical room and the dentist. We also have a counsellor who offers psychological support to students, a speech therapist, and a support teacher who teaches students with special educational needs. We provide education to 579 students, 406 young learners in the first educational cycle and 173 students in the second educational cycle. The school teaches students aged 6 – 14, in two educational cycles: the first cycle lasts for five years and it includes grades 0 – 4 (age 6 – 10); the second cycle lasts for four years and it includes grades 5 – 8 (age 11 – 14).

site http://www.scoalaionelteodoreanuiasi.ro/